What are the Benefits of Partnering with AYJ Consulting?


As a business owner, there is always something that needs your attention.  This can be challenging when you are handling everything on your own. We save you time and money and you have direct access to a subject matter expert.   You only pay for the time worked on your projects. You don't pay the full costs associated with an employee, such as salary, equipment, or insurance.


Who does AYJ Consulting work with?


We primarily work with professional Authors, Coaches, Speakers, & Trainers.  This includes solopreneurs, small business owners, independent consultants, and corporate training groups.


How do I begin working with AYJ Consulting?


The first step is to schedule a consultation with me.  We will discuss your business needs, expectations, and our ability to provide support.  


How does AYJ Consulting communicate with clients?


We use several methods to communicate with our clients such as Skype, phone, fax, email, chat, US mail, overnight services, and couriers.  Final projects can either be emailed, faxed, mailed or hand delivered to your business.