What We Do

AYJ Consulting offers small businesses and entrepreneurs with professional & specialized presentation development, administrative support services, and payroll consulting.  We provide the help you need so you can spend time growing your business and building client relationships.


Partnering with AYJ Consulting will help you to focus on developing content for trainings, connecting with clients, networking, or simply taking some much needed time to spend with family & friends.  Whether you're writing a new book, conducting a live event, webinar, or teleconference, AYJ Consulting can provide the support services you need.

Why You Need Us

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You are consistently involved in the details of the event rather than focusing on your delivery to the audience? 

  • You lose sleep worrying if you’re fully prepared to speak because you haven’t had time to review your presentation?

  • There are tasks left undone for the event leaving you to scramble at the last minute?

  • You lack the time and skillset to successfully proof & edit your content?

  • You struggle with ensuring your people are paid timely and accruately?

Benefits of Working With Us

With AYJ Consulting, you can enjoy the benefits of:


  • Reduced amount of stress and added peace of mind

  • Work less and increase ability to make more money

  • Spend more time doing what you love

  • Focused work with lesser interruptions

  • Improved Productivity


It's never a bad idea to have support from a business collaborator - someone who shares your values and business practices. We provide the expertise, knowledge and skills needed to compliment and enhance your business.


We create impressive presentations, print materials, and provide outstanding payroll support.  AYJ Consulting will work out the details to help your business succeed!

Core Services
  • Presentation Development  *  Administrative Consulting  * Payroll Consulting